Funeral Pre-Planning

It is important that the families we serve understand that they have an opportunity to do funeral pre-planning in advance. This is often a positive, therapeutic step and one of the most thoughtful and loving gifts that could ever be given to surviving loved ones. There is no question, serving a family that has done funeral pre-planning makes the final planning phase less complicated for those left responsible and also reduces overspending.

Reasons Why so Many People do Pre-Plan Funerals

  • Peace of Mind
  • Can be done together with family instead of alone
  • No time constraints
  • Reduce the impact of inflation
  • Medicaid “spend-down”
  • Minimizes disputes and eliminates confusion between well-meaning relatives
  • Personalized selection
  • Funds are always transferable

We are here for any questions regarding your preplan funeral and consultation is free.

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