Cremation Services in Shelby Township, Michigan

Families seeking funeral homes in Shelby Township, Michigan can turn to Wujek-Calcaterra & Sons for flexible arrangements that help you honor your loved one in the manner you wish. If you live in the Shelby, Michigan, area, we can help you plan traditional or contemporary cremations with or without funeral services to suit your preference. Our cremation services include the following.

Complete Cremation and Visitation Service

funeral homes in shelby township With our complete cremation and visitation service, cremation takes the place of a casket burial. We offer a cremation casket (meant to undergo cremation) or casket rental, should you wish to have the body present for viewing or services. Cremation follows the ceremony, after which the family may choose to bury, scatter or keep the remains. Depending on your choice, simple urns of plastic or cardboard or sturdier ones of wood, ceramics or metal are available to hold the remains.

Cremation Macomb County MI

If you choose cremation with a memorial service, we cremate the body soon after we receive it, with a memorial service to follow at a later time. Typically, the body is not at the memorial service. Instead, we suggest the family view the body privately before cremation, as viewing is a crucial step in acknowledging a death. This option works best if the family can attend a viewing within a few hours of death. If unable to gather for viewing within 8 to 12 hours, we suggest embalming. A viewing not held within 48 hours may require embalming.

Non-Ceremonial Cremation

A non-ceremonial cremation is another service option that focuses mainly on cremation. Funeral services are limited to removal of the deceased and transportation into our care.

We Are Honored to Help You

Wujek-Calcaterra & Sons offers several options for funeral homes in Shelby Township, Michigan, and we would be honored to help you at this critical time. Please call us at 586-588-9833 with any questions you may have or to arrange for a free consultation.

Find Peace of Mind With Funeral Pre-Planning

We are here for any questions regarding your pre-plan funeral and the consultation is free.

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