10 Ways to Reduce Funeral Costs

10 Ways to Reduce Funeral Costs

Funeral services are not exactly known for being inexpensive. With the average cost of a funeral ranging between $7,000 and $9,000 or more, it is no wonder that people are curious about more affordable options. While we absolutely argue for a respectable and intimate service, we also understand why people need to find cost-effective solutions for funeral services and burials. Therefore, we have compiled this list to help streamline your research efforts.

1. Research Funeral Homes

Every funeral home is different when it comes to fees and service prices. Therefore, it is a good idea to call and meet with several funeral homes and directors. You should ask for a general price list and the prices for packaged services. This information will help you compare each funeral home in line-by-line items and packages offered.

2. Find a Budget-Friendly Casket

While most funeral homes are sympathetic to your needs, others may try to capitalize on your grief. Know that buying a casket with all the bells and whistles has nothing to do with your loved one’s comfort, and everything to do with presentation. A proper funeral home will help you pick out the best options for you and your family that are within your budget.

3. Decide on a Direct Burial

A direct burial is the most affordable burial option at a funeral home. The burial occurs soon after death, and no embalming or visitation is required. While some families may choose to have a small graveside service, it might cost a little more depending on the funeral home.

4. Consider Cremation

While once an unpopular choice, cremation is growing in popularity. Also, it is a more affordable option than a burial, with the average cremation service costing between $6,000 and $7,000.

5. Use Your Own Urn

While cremation is often cheaper than a burial, there are ways to decrease the expense further. First, you can choose to keep the ashes in your home rather than a columbarium at a cemetery. Also, when doing your funeral pre-planning consider purchasing or using your own urn. Urns purchased at crematoriums are often more expensive and might not be necessary.

6. Have the Funeral at Church

Instead of having the funeral home perform all aspect of the funeral and service, consider having a church service. Most churches do not charge for funerals. Although, it is customary to make a donation.

7. Go Green

While it is a growing trend, green burials are still not that common. Green burials can be incredibly cost-effective because they negate the need for caskets and embalming chemicals. However, there are only a few natural burial grounds around the country.

8. Have a Home Funeral

If a funeral home option is too expensive, you can also choose to have the funeral at home. If you are interested in home burial options, then you might want to look into workshops and classes offered by several organizations.

9. Check for Veteran Benefits or Ask for Assistance

Also, if you or a loved one worked in the military, then you might have access to veterans benefits from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. These benefits can include funeral allowances, the presentation of an American flag and the playing of taps. However, if you are not eligible for these benefits, you might be eligible for assistance provided by the Social Security Administration. These benefits usually max out with a $255 death payment to a surviving spouse or child.

10. Donating to Science

The last and most affordable option for cremation is to donate the body to science. Once scientific research and education are complete, the body is cremated free of charge.

While it is tempting to find the most affordable options for burial, it is best to talk with experienced professionals before making any decisions. If you are looking for a Macomb funeral home, contact Wujek Calcaterra & Sons at 586-588-9117 or 586-588-9833.


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