Why is Family-Owned Better for Your Family?

The Wujeks and Calcaterras have been tending the funeral needs of local families for four generations. Owning and operating nine different funeral homes in Michigan throughout the years. For us, it is a sacred trust. We are genuinely touched and truly honored when a family in our community calls on us to serve them. When entrusted with administering to those in need, the only thing we think about is how to make it easier for the families that come to us. That’s our job – to make it easier on them, even financially.

Known for its stunning facilities and exceptional service, Wujek-Calcaterra may be perceived as a pricey funeral home in Michigan. But looks can be deceiving. In reality, they are surprisingly affordable – striving to stay within everyone’s budget. Celebrating life is something Wujek-Calcaterra takes to heart. We hope to continue to earn the trust of this community by treating families fairly and being kind when they need us most. So when looking for a funeral home in Michigan look to us.


Robert A. Wujek Robert A. Wujek is very proud to be the 4th generation of funeral directors in his family. He was in grade school when he knew he would continue the Wujek legacy, and considered it a part of every day life when as a young boy he would help his father at the funeral home. He has never considered being at the funeral home as “work” as much as he sees it as trying to help others at one of the most difficult times in their lives. Bob graduated from the Wayne State University School of Mortuary Science in 1986, and believes he has succeeded when his expertise and compassion is able to lift a little of the weight off the shoulders of a grieving family while still maintaining dignity and respect for their loved one. Bob never takes for granted the families that offer a hug, kind words, or a personalized thank you note for the work that he has done.

John E. Wujek John E. Wujek has been working as a funeral director since 1993. He graduated from the University of Michigan in 1988 with a B.A. in history, and then enrolled in law school. While John was in law school, his father required emergency surgery and John made the decision to leave school and help at the funeral home until his father was well again. It was during this time that John realized that he wanted to be a funeral director; he began studying at the Wayne State University School of Mortuary Science, and graduated as class president. John sincerely looks forward to coming to work every morning and meeting with the families from metro Detroit that he serves. His goal is to immediately make everyone he meets like a guest in his home and to put them at ease during a difficult time. The most rewarding part about his career as a funeral director is when he receives a thank you card in the mail weeks after the funeral, as well as knowing that he is being helpful to people in their time of need.
Matthew Calcaterra

Michael F. Wujek Michael F. Wujek has been a licensed funeral director since 1992 when he graduated from the New England Institute of Anatomy, Science, & Funeral Directing outside of Boston, MA. He is proud to be a 4th generation funeral director in metro Detroit, following in the footsteps of his father, grandfather, and great-grandfather. Aside from being able to offer the highest level of professional service to families, he also finds it greatly rewarding with people thank him for the sincere kindness they were shown while at Wujek-Calcaterra.

Michael J. Calcaterra Michigan State University – B.A. Advertising (1992) Wayne State University – B.S. Mortuary Science (1993) While growing up, I always looked up to my father’s dedication to his profession. Showing the same the devotion to my family’s business was an early goal. As I got older, working for something larger than myself became immensely important to me. Never did I realize how very rewarding this noble profession could be. I feel truly blessed to serve. My career has giving to me a unique perspective on life and our responsibility to one another. In life, as well as in death, everyone deserves to be acknowledged, respected and honored.

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