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“To wonder, ‘Is grief ever finished ?’ is similar to asking someone, ‘How high is up?’

It is very easy to miss the movement you are making in the process of your own grief because it may seem small in comparison to the great pain you are feeling.” By Dr. John D. Canine (Wujek-Calcaterra & Sons, Inc.) Losing someone they loved, forces an individual to examine their own personal feelings, values and priorities. However, this process is what we call grief and is our natural reaction to loss, especially the death of a significant person in our lives. Taking the time to learn about death and working through your own grief can improve the quality of your life.

Our partner, Dr. John D. Canine, Ed., PhD., is the President of Maximum Living Consultants, Inc. in Clarkston, Michigan.

Dr. Canine has been a consultant and grief counselor for over 23 years and currently provides bereavement aftercare services in ten states. With two master’s degrees and two doctorate degrees in related fields, he is a part-time instructor and an Associate Member of the Graduate Facility at Wayne State University in the Department of Pharmacy and Allied Health Professionals/Mortuary Sciences. Dr. Canine has published numerous articles and books and has lectured all across America.

Grief is Love Lost: Audio sessions for coping with grief


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