Affordable Cremation Services

Wujek Calcaterra Funeral Home is a local, family-owned business that wants to make sure that you receive what you need with our affordable cremation services. We fully disclose all charges, which lets you make informed decisions when planning a tribute to your loved one. It’s our privilege to serve our community by offering fair prices for our services.

affordable cremation services

What Kind of Ceremony Can You Have With a Cremation?

Choosing between affordable cremation services does not limit the type of service you can have. Here are some options:
    • Conventional service in which friends and family gather before the cremation. The decedent is present in the coffin.
    • A memorial service is held following the cremation. The loved one’s urn may be the centerpiece, but a picture may also be used.
    • Private ceremony for invited friends and family members to remember the loved one and provide support for each other.
  • Direct cremation can be done when no funeral or memorial service will be held. We do recommend that you have a service to help you through the grieving process but do respect your decision.

Let Us Help You Plan a Meaningful Service

There are many reasons a person would choose to be cremated instead of buried. We know that cost is often a big consideration, but there are many other reasons that a family might choose cremation. Cremation removes the time constraints of a funeral and gives you more time to plan the appropriate service and get family together. Cremation can have less of an impact on the environment over burial. Our staff can help you through the final arrangements for a loved one. We can help you handle the practical matters while you’re grieving. Talk to us about your concerns. Gather your family together and let us explain the process and help others who are struggling. We can find solutions that fit your religious and personal beliefs and that are respectful to the deceased.

Find Peace of Mind With Funeral Pre-Planning

We are here for any questions regarding your pre-plan funeral and the consultation is free.

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