Cremation Services in Michigan

At Wujek-Calcaterra, we offer professional, compassionate cremation services in Michigan. We understand that you want to honor your family member’s memory in a way that is unique and appropriate. We do everything in our power to understand your family’s needs, as well as your loved one’s legacy. 

Cremation Services That We Offer

We offer three cremation services, depending on your family’s desires: a traditional funeral, a memorial service, and direct cremation. Depending on your loved one’s desires, and the input of your family, we can create a unique service that’s designed to help you celebrate your loved one’s life.

Traditional Funeral & Cremation

In this service package, a viewing will be followed by a cremation — a full funeral experience. This is perfect if you want everyone to get a chance to say “goodbye.” A cremation casket will be used, and we can help you select the right casket for your budget. 

Memorial Services

A memorial service is typically held without a viewing. Cremation will take place after the death, but the memorial service will take place after that. An urn may be at the memorial service, to give yourself and your family the chance to say goodbye.

Direct Cremation

A direct cremation doesn’t include a viewing or memorial service. Instead, your loved one will be cremated and returned to you. From there, you can choose to perform an ash scattering or other private ceremony. 

Cremation Costs

Cost is always a sensitive subject when it comes to both burial and cremation services. The truth is that the cost of our services is entirely customizable and based on both the service package you select as well as the details of your loved one’s cremation. 

For example, some people may want their family members cremated without a casket, while others do not have any casket preference. Some families would like their family members cremated after a memorial service, while others would rather have the services held for them.

What is true is that cremation costs are always lower than what most people expect. The cost of cremation is very affordable, especially when compared to burial services. Costs will vary depending on details including what type of urn you choose,  how quickly your loved one is cremated, and more. 

At Wujek-Calcaterra, we’re here to support you every step of the way. When you schedule a consultation, we’ll guide you through the cremation process and ensure you understand what to expect. Call us today to schedule your consultation, or to learn more about cremation costs.

Why Choose Wujek-Calcaterra for Cremation in Michigan?

We are a family business that always puts you and your family first. Wujek-Calcaterra has been helping families grieve for over four generations, and we understand that there is a sacred trust between us and the families that we serve. We have nine funeral homes throughout Michigan, and work hard to understand the needs of every family that comes to us.

We strive to reduce costs as much as possible so that every family can get the services that they deserve during these emotionally difficult times. We don’t just offer impeccable service and wonderful facilities; we work to reduce overhead. We are a family business, not a profit-centered business, and we hold the place that we have within the community in the highest regard.

Contact Us Today

Wujek-Calcaterra provides personalized memorial, funeral, and cremation services in Michigan. No matter what type of service you request, we work hard to ensure that your loved one’s wishes are honored. 

If you have questions about the funeral planning process, or want to learn more about the overall costs of our cremation services, feel free to contact us today at (586) 588-9117 or fill out an online request. There’s nothing we want more than to help your family through this time.


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