How Long Does Planning a Funeral Take?

If you’ve been left in charge of making a loved one’s funeral arrangements, you may be feeling overwhelmed. Afterall, this type of event requires you to have many balls in the air at the same time, but Wujek-Calcaterra and Sons, Inc., can help you figure out a planning timeline to ease your stress. Most funeral homes in Macomb, MI, are willing to take on some of the burden of planning, as well.

Religious Considerations

planning a funeral We understand that different religions and cultures approach funerals differently, which is why we make it a point to respect the views of all of our clients. When planning a funeral, some religious customs dictate the timeline in which the burial should take place. This is one of the first things you should consider when determining how much time you have to get everything in order.

Open vs. Closed Casket Funerals

Another aspect that may determine the length of time you have to plan a funeral is whether there will be an open casket viewing or not. Typically, open casket viewings at funeral homes in Macomb County, Michigan, require that the deceased be embalmed to preserve the appearance of the body. This can allow for more time between the death and the funeral, as decomposition won’t set in. However, if a closed casket funeral is the plan and no embalming will occur, then you may only have a few days in which the memorial should take place.

Asking for Help When Planning a Funeral

Remember that you don’t have to do all of the funeral planning on your own. As one of the top Macomb County funeral homes, we at Wujek-Calcaterra & Sons, Inc. know that grief can make the process more challenging. We are here to help you make plans from start to finish while ensuring that your loved one’s memory is honored.

Find Peace of Mind With Funeral Pre-Planning

We are here for any questions regarding your pre-plan funeral and the consultation is free.

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