5 Things to Consider When Pre-Planning Your Funeral

Pre-Planning Your Funeral

Death is not easy to contemplate. The fear of the unknown can be anxiety-inducing, even given the strongest belief system. Also, as such talk of death is often viewed as macabre, it is not easy to talk about. However, it is inevitable, and the results can be burdensome if not planned for. For example, your family might not know your final wishes, or they might not have the available finances to honor your memory. Funeral pre planning should be a part of any estate plan. Doing so allows you to ensure your wants are met and that the pressure is off of your family. Also, pre-planning will enable you to finance whatever service you desire without leaving things up to chance. However, to make a thorough pre-plan, there are at least five things you should consider.

Burial or Cremation

Deciding on how you want to proceed with your remains is paramount to the entire process. Do you want a burial, or would you prefer to be cremated? Some religions teach that burial is the preferred method. However, cremation can allow for a more symbolic send-off. Some people worry that their loved ones will obsess over their grave, and prefer that their ashes be spread across several spaces that were meaningful to them in their lives. However, you need to figure out the method that speaks to you most.

Final Resting Place

You must figure out where you want your body or ashes to remain. If you do choose a burial, do you want to be buried in a cemetery or on family-owned land? If you choose a cemetery, then you will need to purchase a plot. However, if you choose family land, then you might require permits. If you choose cremation, then you need to decide if you want your ashes to be kept at a site, family home or scattered. Crypts, mausoleums or columbarium all have a cost. However, if you choose to reside with family, then costs are likely minimal. Another option is to have your remains scattered at emotionally relevant locations.

Funeral Rite, Service or Memorial

Next, you need to decide on a service. Do you want one? Are you religious? If so, do you want a church service? If not, would you prefer funeral home services? Who do you want to officiate? Also, you need to consider whether you will have an open casket, if a funeral, or if your ashes will be present if cremated. Last, consider what you want your service to be like, and stipulate your instructions for your loved ones.

Money and Costs

Unfortunately, everything often comes down to money. How are you going to pay for what you want? You have options to pay upfront, in installments or to set aside funds for your family after your passing. Also, there might be insurance packages that offer burial assistance.

Communicating Your Wishes

Last, it is necessary to communicate your wishes to your family. While death and mortality are difficult to discuss, it is vital that your preferences are known. Also, keep in mind that people might have objections to your intentions. Stay calm and explain your stance when necessary, but always remember that these are your decisions about your body. To minimize conflict, try to keep the conversation practical and not emotional.

Time is finite and fragile. No one knows how long they have on this earth, and while avoidance is convenient is the moment, delaying funeral decisions only increases dread and concern. Therefore, make your decisions and then continue living. You can always change your mind later. Contact Wujek Calcaterra & Sons and discuss funeral planning by calling (586) 217-3284 for the Shelby Township location or (586) 588-9459 for Sterling Heights.


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