Can You Be Buried Without a Casket?

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If you’ve ever wondered if you could be buried without a casket, the answer is both ‘yes!’ and ‘no!’ Being buried without a casket is called a natural burial. While there are no existing federal regulations on natural burials, you do have to consider state and local regulations, and if the funeral home you’ve selected […]

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The Differences Between a Wake, Viewing, Memorial, & Funeral

Funeral Service

Many decisions will need to be made when a loved one passes away, including which type of service will best meet the needs of family and friends. There are typically four services: wakes, viewings, memorials, and funerals. Each end-of-life celebration will involve different amounts of time, energy, and costs. Often, those who plan the final […]

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Can You Bury Cremated Remains?

A 2022 survey by Choice Mutual Insurance Agency found that most Americans choose cremation over traditional and natural burials primarily due to personal and financial reasons (generally, cremation is much less expensive than a traditional burial).  However, even if an individual requests cremation, some families may still want to permanently memorialize their loved one with […]

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