Cremation Services and Costs Explained

The cost of traditional burial services today may have you looking for alternative funeral options. For many people, cremation is a practical, affordable alternative to burial. By learning more about cremation services and costs, you can determine if it’s the best funeral choice for you. Should You Consider Cremation? Cost is often the primary reason […]

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Cell Phones and Funeral Etiquette

Cell phones are ubiquitous. Ninety-five percent of all Americans own one, and many rely on them as a primary means of communication and source of information. However, just because nearly everyone has a cell phone doesn’t mean that its use is appropriate at all times. According to the commonly accepted rules of funeral etiquette, cell […]

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Best Types of Flowers to Buy for a Funeral

If a friend or relative has recently suffered a loss, you may want to send them a floral arrangement as a show of sympathy and support, especially if you are not able to attend the service. We encourage you not to become too stressed over choosing traditional funeral flowers for the arrangement. The recipient will […]

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What to Say to a Grieving Person: Do’s and Don’ts

Loss has a way of changing people, and its effect can be lasting or fleeting, depending on the individual. As a friend or family member of the grieving person, it is normal to feel somewhat helpless, wanting to do everything in your power to take the suffering away. Instead, focus on being there and consider […]

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5 Tips for Proper Funeral Etiquette

If you have never attended a funeral, or have not done so in some time, we understand that you may be nervous about accidentally saying or doing the wrong thing. We would like to reassure you that as long as you are respectful and considerate of the feelings of others, you will probably not do […]

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Guidance Through the Grieving Process

Grieving the loss of a loved one doesn’t end with the funeral. On the contrary, the funeral is only one of the first steps on the journey of grief. We understand that the journey can be long and difficult, which is why we offer grief support services through our partnership with Maximum Living Bereavement Aftercare […]

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Find Peace of Mind With Funeral Pre-Planning

We are here for any questions regarding your pre-plan funeral and the consultation is free.

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