Cremation Services and Costs Explained

The cost of traditional burial services today may have you looking for alternative funeral options. For many people, cremation is a practical, affordable alternative to burial. By learning more about cremation services and costs, you can determine if it’s the best funeral choice for you.

Should You Consider Cremation?

Cost is often the primary reason people opt for cremation over a traditional burial. The cost of a cremation is substantially lower than being buried in a cemetery. A traditional burial requires a myriad of services and products (embalming, a casket, cemetery plot, headstone, hearse, etc.) that results in a higher cost. If you can’t afford to pay costs for burial, cremation could be a viable option. If you’re still curious about the cost of a funeral, you can use the Funeral Cost Estimator on our website.

In addition to a lower cost, cremation services offer other advantages worth considering, like:

Simplicity – Cremation is simply an easier process for many people to handle after a loved one’s passing. There’s no need to choose a coffin, arrange for a burial, schedule services or purchase a burial plot. All these details can be taxing when you’re grieving. It also takes quite a bit of time.

Flexibility – Cremation gives you greater flexibility in memorializing your loved ones after they’re gone. You can divide the ashes among different family members who can choose to keep them or disperse them in areas closer to home.

Environmentally friendly – Cremation is an eco-friendly funeral option.

Cremation Services Explained

Cremation basically disposes of a person’s body by reducing it to bones and ashes. The remains are then given to the immediate family for safekeeping or dispersal. This is called direct cremation. If you wish to have a service or memorial in your home or elsewhere, you can arrange to do so privately with your family.

If you would like more than what direct cremation has to offer, you can personalize your cremation services by choosing one of the following:

Traditional Funeral with Cremation – This cremation service includes a viewing to give family and friends a chance to pay their final respects to the one who has passed on. The cremation itself occurs after the viewing, at which time you will be given your loved one’s ashes.

Memorial Service with Cremation – This option includes a memorial service at the funeral home to honor a loved one who has passed on. The service is held after cremation. If you desire, you can place your loved one’s ashes in an urn and put them on display during the service.

Cost of a Cremation

Cremation costs vary, depending on your location, choice of funeral home, and the services you desire. Direct cremation, which involves only the cremation process and a reasonably priced urn, may range between $500 and $1,000. Adding any of the following services will increase that cost:

  • Body storage and embalming
  • Rental casket for viewing
  • Rental of funeral home hall for services or viewing
  • Hearse for transporting the body
  • Purchase of a costly cremation urn

Depending on the additional services you choose, your final cremation cost could be between $2,000 and $3,000.

Why Choose Wujek Calcaterra for Your Cremation Services?

Our vast experience over the years, sincerity, and exceptional service make Wujek Calcaterra & Sons a top choice for funeral services in Michigan. We understand how difficult it is to lose a loved one and do all we can to facilitate your needs quickly and easily. We offer numerous funeral service options to memorialize those who have passed on, enabling you to select a service that’s meaningful and affordable to you. By treating others with kindness, dignity, and respect, we’ve earned the trust of our local community. When the time comes, we look forward to serving you.

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