Why Choose Cremation Over Burial?

Cremation is a common end-of-life option, for many reasons. It’s an affordable option, but even more than that, it’s a simple, flexible, environmentally-friendly choice that about half of the population chooses. Cremation costs are typically one-third of a traditional burial service. So why choose cremation over burial? Cremation gives the survivors more options. You can choose to have a service or not. Services can be held before or after the cremation process. Cremains can be buried in the family mausoleum or scattered in the wind. The type of service can be personalized to reflect the life of the deceased.

Michigan Cremation Laws

Michigan regulations state that that final disposition of the deceased must take place within 48 hours of death, whether burial or cremation. The process of cremation is regulated, but it is also straightforward.
  • Talk to the funeral director or staff about cremation services in Macomb, Michigan. The funeral director will handle authorization and paperwork. Before the body is cremated, the funeral director will remove any medical devices or jewelry that won’t be cremated along with the body. Typically, you will work with the funeral director to publish the obituary.
  • Embalming is typically not necessary, unless there is a long delay.
  • The body is transferred to the crematorium. The funeral director uses an identification tag to correctly identify the deceased.
  • The actual process of cremation occurs.
  • The cremains are placed in a container and delivered to the funeral home for the family to pick up.
  • The funeral director files the paperwork to obtain death certificates and burial benefits.
  • Services can be held at any point during the process, depending on your own preferences and ability to gather the family together.

why choose cremation over burial

Cremation Services Memorialize Your Loved One

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